13 Surprising Upsides of Traveling on a Budget

It's true that vacationing on a budget can be an interesting experience, to say the least. But don't let travel worries steal your sunshine... or budget-friendly rain.
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Lifehacker recently ran a piece detailing the downsides of dealhunter travel. Citing horrors such as subpar hotel rooms, inconvenient flights, and off-season weather woes, the article offers lots of fascinating insights about why cheap travel is, well, cheap.

DealNews is totally committed to bringing you the best travel deals around, so we see a lot of these ultra-discounted off-season offers. While you should certainly take Lifehacker's advice to heart, we'd like to remind you of the many upsides to budget travel — through the magic of gifs!

A hotel room that's far from the elevator lets you get in some exercise on vacation!

After staying in a smoking room, think how clean and fresh your home will smell!

Travel deals

If you hate your hotel room, you'll spend more time out sightseeing!

The worst room in a nice hotel is probably better than anywhere else you've stayed!

Travel deals

A weird flight time means you're less (or more) likely to meet an exciting new friend!

Travel deals

An early or late flight time means less traffic on the drive to the airport!

Travel deals

Early morning airport bathrooms are (probably) more clean!

Travel deals

Experiencing storms abroad will give you a newfound love for your own bad weather!

Travel deals

Getting rained out on vacation means you can finally catch up on all those books!

Travel deals

The sun causes cancer, so bad weather actually keeps you safe!

Bad weather on a beach vacation means no more bathing suit judgement!

Travel deals

The weatherman seems to have fun standing in a monsoon. Now's YOUR chance!

Remember: Even on the worst day of a vacation, you're still on vacation!

Seriously though, with a bit of planning and hard work, you can keep your travel and lodging costs down without sacrificing (too much) comfort and convenience. Whether it means not traveling on Labor Day Weekend or finding airfare loopholes, you might find that saving money actually makes your vacation better.

What do you think, is budget travel more hassle than it's worth? Let us know in the comments below.

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