10 Ways a Smartwatch Could Make Your Life Better

GPS, notifications, fitness — there's a lot of reasons to get a smartwatch. But are these perks worth the money?

We've seen a flood of new smartwatches released this year. Major players like Samsung, Sony, LG, and Motorola have just been joined by Apple in the battle for your wrist, and there are lots of lesser known companies out there trying to claim a slice of the wearables action.

As a new category, there's a wide range of styles and functionality on offer, from basic activity tracking to full-featured shrunken smartphones. Prices range from less than $100 to over $500, but the majority fall in the $200 to $350 range. Most are designed to be tethered to your smartphone, though many people will question the value in paying hundreds of dollars just to save yourself the trouble of having to take that smartphone out of your pocket.

For this reason, not everyone is convinced by the smartwatch crazy. But there are many ways in which this new technology can change your daily activities. Here then are some of the more compelling ways that a smartwatch can make your life a little bit better.

Simon Hill
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You missed the most important one: It lightens your wallet, making your wallet easier to carry!
just me
Out of all those, only #7 is a good reason. All others are meh. Screen too small for a map, I don't care about my heart-beat or how much I walked (a $2 pedometer can tell me that), it's still bulky, have to charge it daily, Missing a call? Blutooth - you'd look silly talking to your wrist (not that talking to yourself isn't less silly) Too many negatives to justify the $'s.
I would add one more to the list and it is the primary reason I have a smartwatch (Pebble) and the main reason I won't be getting an Apple Watch. A smartwatch can go places your phone can't, specifically underwater. I wear my Pebble while swimming all the time so I can see my messages and calls.