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Toasters: The Basics

The toaster is a common kitchen appliance that has come a long way since the first dangerous-looking open coil device invented in Scotland in 1893. Invention and innovation have created dozens of different types of toasting devices, from the obvious to the bizarre.

Nowadays, most people have the familiar pop-up toaster; just add bread, push the lever, and wait. That’s the appliance at its most basic, but modern tech has created some versions that do more than you thought a toaster could.

Popular Stores for Toasters

If you’re in the market for a toaster, you can look online at places like Amazon , or check stores like Walmart or Target . You’re bound to find the best toaster for your needs with just a little browsing.

How to Shop for Toasters

Although there are a lot of toasters on the market — many with high-tech features — it’s still worth considering exactly what kind of toaster you’re looking for, and what will fit your cooking/toasting habits.

As with most things, the internet has several guides for smart toaster buying. We liked these in particular:

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a toaster cost?

The sky’s the limit. You can pick up a basic 2-slice model for about $10, and then price goes up to $100, depending on brand and features.

Will I have to assemble my toaster?

Probably not. Toasters are pretty much self-contained units. You may have to insert a crumb tray, but that’s about it. Remember to empty the crumb tray and wipe it down once in a while to keep any stray crumbs from scorching.

How much space will a toaster need?

Most toasters are fairly compact. If counter space is at a premium, a toaster will usually fit wherever you need it to go, and most are lightweight enough that moving them is not a problem.

Can a toaster do anything besides toast sliced bread?

Yes, some toasters will toast bagels, also. These usually have a wider slot to accommodate the bagel, along with a bagel setting that toasts the inside, but keeps the outside from scorching. The folks at America’s Test Kitchen have an in-depth video on toasters that work for different types of bread.

Can I return my toaster? Do toasters come with warranties?

Every store has its own policies, but most will allow returns within a certain period of time. Be sure to save your sales receipt and check the store’s website for return information. As for warranties, it’s a rare appliance manufacturer that doesn’t include some sort of warranty and/or guarantee. Check the packing materials inside the box for a warranty card or other information.

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