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Office Chairs: The Basics

If your job involves sitting in an office chair for several hours a day, you want one that won’t turn your back and hips into pretzels. (In fact, one source said the average desk worker will spend 85,500 hours in an office chair over the lifetime of a career!) DealNews can help you get the best office chair deals for your money with our shopping tips.

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Popular Stores for Office Chairs

Many stores sell office chairs, either online or in their brick and mortar stores. Check out these vendors to find your perfect seat:

Office Depot & OfficeMax




How to Shop for Office Chairs

From the perfect height to optimal back support, the options for office chairs seem endless, and endlessly confusing. By the time you’ve evaluated tilt angles, lumbar support, height adjustments, and armrests, your eyes might have glazed over. But online guides on the subject are plentiful. We like these posts in particular:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to try out an office chair before buying?

Ideally, yes. You can read all the guides and reviews, but sitting in the actual chair is the best way to decide which one fits your body. For example, some people wouldn’t work without an ergonomic mesh chair, but some people think they’re awful.

Having said that, if you find THE chair online, you can order it. Just make sure the seller has a good return policy. Of course, if you have a preferred model, you can always check with DealNews to see if we have a deal on that chair (chances are, we will!), and order it online.

What kind of advance preparation should I do before buying?

First, measure your desk height. And if you already have a chair you like, measure that, too. Note the measurements and take the numbers to the store with you. This will help you get the best office chair for your specific needs.

Second, make a budget. Office chairs can be pricey, and you don’t want to fall in love with a chair you can’t afford. So know what you can spend before you walk in the door.

What should I do when I get to the store?

Sit in chairs! Sit in as many chairs as you can until you find one that’s comfy and within your budget. Check the price first, though (see above) and don’t try a chair that’s out of your range. If you really love it, it will be tough to say no — and you could put a sizable dent in your finances. It’s a good idea to have a list of potential models before you get to a showroom.

Also, take a tape measure with you to see if your preferred models are a fit with your desk. You don’t want to get the box home, assemble the chair, and then find it’s too short or too tall.

What questions should I ask at the store?

First, and maybe most importantly, you should ask about assembly. If you’re not mechanically inclined, or don’t have anyone to help out, having the store assemble the chair may be a good idea — assuming you have a way to get it home. You might not be able to squeeze an assembled office chair into a sedan. There may also be a surcharge for this service, so be sure to ask!

Be sure to ask if you can put the chair together using basic tools. Most manufacturers include a wrench of some kind in the kit, but it’s always best to be sure.

If you have any special needs — like back or leg issues — ask about whether a chair can accommodate them. If you don’t reach very well, can you access the height adjustment or tilt levers? An informed sales representative should be able to point you in the right direction.

Should I buy a store warranty?

It depends on how you’re using the office chair. If it’s for occasional use, then you probably won’t need a warranty before the chair just wears out naturally. If, however, you know you’re tough on chairs, and you’re setting up your home office, then the extra cash may be a good investment.

Check to see whether the warranty covers your concerns, such as normal wear and tear, rips, or stains. If you think you might need it, go ahead and get the warranty. It’s less expensive than a replacement, in any event.

How do I find the best office chair deals at DealNews?

You can shop the latest and best office chair deals on DealNews in three ways:

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