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Cheryl's · 1 mo ago
from $5
free shipping

Whether it's a happy birthday wish, or an extension of sympathies, people can eat their feelings with ease thanks to these cookies – all the single cookie choices are between $5 and $10 delivered. Shop Now at Cheryl's

  • Choose a weekday delivery for free delivery – weekend deliveries carry a surcharge.
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Cheryl's · 2 mos ago
$10 w/ $10 Cheryl's gift card
free shipping

You deserve a treat and this little sampler is just the right size. Factoring in the gift card, it's like getting them for free. Buy Now at Cheryl's

  • The rewards card can be used toward a future purchase in the next four months.
  • 3 rainbow unicorn cookies (sprinkles in the batter)
  • 3 buttercream frosted sparkly cut-out cookies
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