Best Video Game Deals & Sales

The Best Video Game Deals

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The best of the best when it comes to video game deals, cheap consoles, and discounted accessories are gathered here, in one convenient roundup.

Best PS4 & PS5 Video Game Sale
PlayStation Indies
Store: PlayStation Store
Discount: up to 75% off

Nearly 50 indie games are currently discounted by up to 75% on the PlayStation Store right now. There's some real critical hits here including Hollow Knight, SUPERHOT VR, Cuphead, Subnautica, and Undertale. PS Plus members can grab even further discounts on select titles too. Therefore, good games + good savings = a good time for all.

Best PS4 Video Game Deal
Ratchet & Clank for PS4
Store: PlayStation Store
Price: free
Shipping: digital download
Lowest By: $20

Ratchet & Clank is free for all for the month of March. This is a reimagining of the original game that spawned the series back in the ye olde times of the PlayStation 2. It's a nice reworking of a classic action platformer and it being free is saving you an equally nice $20.

Best Video Game Console Deal
Switch V2 Animal Crossing Edition
Store: Amazon
Price: $299
Shipping: Free shipping

It turns out Animal Crossing is quite popular and so the Switch specific Animal Crossing bundle has only been sporadically available. So while Amazon has the bundle at the regular price of $299, the fact that they have it at all makes it worthy of note here. Just remember, don't believe Tom Nook's lies. He is not your friend and does not have your best interests at heart, no matter what he says.

Best Xbox & PC Video Game Subscription Deal
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
Store: Microsoft Store
Price: $1 a month
Lowest By: $14

Game Pass continues to be utterly ludicrous value for money. If you're playing a handful of games from the service at any given time even while playing the full regular price of $15 a month, it's still good value but for $1 a month? Even more so. As the service continues to grow, it is entirely possible Microsoft stops these kinds of offers when they've hit a subscriber base they're happy with so enjoy it while it lasts. Recent additions across both PC and console Game Pass libraries include The Medium, Dirt 5, and DOOM Eternal.

Best Video Game Deal for Xbox One
Yakuza: Like a Dragon for Xbox One
Store: Amazon
Price: $23.78
Shipping: Free shipping w/ Prime
Lowest By: $20

The whacky antics of the loveable Yakuza crew continue in Yakuza: Like A Dragon with a brand new protagonist and a complete genre switch up from brawler to turn based JRPG. It's a bold new direction for the series with most critics finding the overhaul to be a highly refreshing and revitalizing one. This current price is the best we could find by $20.