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Walmart's Black Friday Sale is on now! Shop discounted, TVs, laptops, streaming devices, small appliances, automotive, beauty, and much, much more. Buy Now at Walmart

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  • Expired 11/27/2020
    Published 11/11/2020
    Verified 11/25/2020
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I got the Onn 50" for $128 with no problem...great deal on a 4K smart TV.
come on Wal Mart, isn't your brand more valuable than that...?
Tried to buy a laptop. Literally was refreshing the screen to buy it when the site went live. Had submitted everything within 3 minutes. It told me it was out of stock. I did a chat with someone online to check on it, he told me it was showing as still in stock. He said, call and order over the phone. I called, he told me it was out of stock. The website was then saying more would be in stock at 7:30 (in only 10 minutes), so I asked the guy on the phone if I could wait on the phone with him for that. He was very nice and waited with me. As soon as he saw it reappear, he tells me it's out of stock; I can't get it. I definitely won't be too excited about any future deals Walmart offers for Black Friday, as it seems quite likely that I won't be able to get them anyway.
brown h
total scam to increase traffic to the website no more!
TCL 55" tv already out of stock 2 minutes after it went on sale. Same, limited quantities crap as traditional black fridays, well at least I didn't have to get up early in the morning to be disappointed.
same thing happened to me
No items available when it went live. It is just click bait. At best, they had maybe 6 items available of each for the ENTIRE world. Freezes on checkout. Nothing but another Early Black Friday Scam.