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You'd pay $110 for 200 at your local USPS. Buy Now at eBay

  • Sold by Melvzo via eBay
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  • Published 1/3/2021
    Verified 1/18/2021
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support usps buy directly from them not from these sellers
Dealnews recently was put on notice that these may be Fraudulent sellers, selling worthless stamps.
but Dealnews doesn't seem to care about us buyers.
No way you can know these are authentic. Always seem to claim "2018", but in this case the image says 2017.

Think about the math if you believe these sellers bought in bulk back in 2018 to do time-arbitrage... Forever stamps were 49 or 50 cents depending on when in 2018 and these FleaBay stamps are priced at 42.5 cents each. So they'd be selling at a loss if these were authentic.

USPS Inspector General says there is little they can do as a practical matter - they are not going to stop the production scanners for suspected fake stamps.

Printing tech makes it easy to fake stamps and you'll notice the sellers are smart, parsing them out in small batches so the effort to prosecute per sale is two high.

Sellers learned from the Echo Dot scams where they discounted too heavily and nobody believed it was not a fraud.

So yah, go ahead and buy these, drive USPS deeper into debt since they don't get a penny from fake stamps but have to deliver anyway.

Thanks for nothing, @DealNews
is it fake?