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The tax man cometh no matter what, so might as well save money where you can when you give the devil his/her/its due. Shop Now at Amazon

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  • Published 1/21/2020
    Verified 1/23/2020
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You saying they're in bed with Amazon? How dare you make that insinuation! This is truly on the up and up. I swear. By the way I'm a Trump supporter and why don't they just stop picking on him? Sob sob
Cutty Sark
At least they stopped posting the one that was $10 more and came with a $10 gift card. There is definitely something going on. I even pointed out a better deal to them (at the time, it's expired) but they only post the Amazon "deal." You're on your own to find the best TurboTax deals I'm afraid.
Critical Consumer
Blah, blah, blah> HEADLINES: DealNews keeps blasting the same old, same old "discounts" on TurboTax - nothing to see here people. Looks a lot like paid advertising, or maybe DealNews knows people are buying this software and they want us to click through via their mention - BUT ITS NOT A DEAL, it's the same price, post after post after post.