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The Criterion Collection has lifted the paywall on many movies that "focus on Black Lives", including pieces by Maya Angelou, Oscar Micheaux, Cheryl Dune, and Khalik Allah. Free titles include Agnès Varda's Black Panthers. The subscription usually costs $10.99 per month (or $99 annually.) Shop Now

  • You'll need to click onto each title to see which are available to stream for free.
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  • Published 6/5/2020
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Solarcanix, there are no respectable studies that will back up those claims. Many states (including my own) allow for eviction and termination of LGBTQ people. The racial makeup of low income neighborhoods tells everyone that opportunity is not equal like you claim. we are living in a time of opportunity, but Canada, Ireland, England, France , and Germany have better opportunities for minorities. Germany of all places is treating minorities better than us. let that sink in.
@jczu...Never before, in any country, has any minority population had the freedom, wealth, opportunity, and value as minorities in America...Illegal aliens, who continue to break the law, have been vilified, not immigrants...The fact is women are paid 2% less then men (which does need corrected), not the 20% less lie that the media has convinced you of...LGBTQ members enjoy the same protections now as any protected citizen, and rightly so. The BLM movement is a central philosophy (I guess) of groups such as the Black Panthers and Antifa, which preach black supremacy, not equality. All races have work to do to eliminate the hatred at the fringes of their groups, but we have come so far...TOGETHER. Be proud of America and where we've come from.
All lives matter
I swear that long post was in response to earlier comments. Thank you DealNews for removing the insensitive comments.
All of the ones I clicked on was for a 14 day trial membership.....
Make sure your display supports HDCP plus other requirements mentioned on the site, otherwise the films will not stream.
Do all lives matter when clearly black lives have not been valued? Do immigrant lives matter when our government has vilified them? Do women's lives matter when they're being paid 80% of what men do? Do LGBTQ lives matter when they can be fired or evicted for who they love? All lives do not matter in this country. Black lives matter is saying all lives should matter, but until black lives matter, it is a lie. The movement is not saying only black lives matter. Please rethink your perspective.