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free for teachers

They're free for use in K–12 schools, schools of education, public libraries, houses of worship, and youth-serving nonprofit organizations. Films focus on Selma, the Holocaust, bullying, and other subjects. Shop Now

  • Each kit includes a DVD along with lesson plans and other teaching materials
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  • Published 7/24/2020
    Verified 7/24/2020
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This is as disturbing as you can get. This isn't school curriculum, this is propaganda. This should worry any and all teachers not to mention parents of children who are entrusting their children to be educated. This is the same kind of material the Nazis, Soviet Union, Chinese, North Koreans, Iranians, Fascist Ital and the like used to indoctrinate their youth to turn against their parents, neighbors, each other, family, friends and anyone who didn't abide to state propaganda. How this ended up on here is appalling.
Thanks but no thanks. Giving this a pass. Just because it says "free for use in education" does not mean it is approved for use school curriculum. Not something one wants to expose the learner population to merely on the say so of the creator(s).
Listing should be removed!!
Southern Poverty Law Center may have been legit at one time. Not so much anymore, but they still rake in $$$ via their former reputation.
provided by the southern poverty law center..... a racist org.