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Save at least $21 on three classic Spielberg movies with top marks from Ebert (Jurassic Park got 3 stars initially, but was bumped up to a full 4 on a later release) – bundled with some lesser-spotted entries into his ouevre, and also The Lost World. Buy Now at Amazon

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  • Expired 12/14/2020
    Published 11/24/2020
    Verified 12/9/2020
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Just a warning, Duel was made for a 4:3 aspect ratio presentation but here has had the top and bottom of the frame lopped off so that we wouldn't have see a 4:3 frame on a 16:9 screen (oh, the HORROR)!
Jurassic Park was never bumped up to 4 stars. You misread the reviews page. His review of 1941 was also missed on that page, but he gave it 1.5 stars (me, I give that film 4 stars, and call it woefully underrated and a great Christmas movie).