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That's $5 off and the lowest price we could find, although we saw it for $2 less two weeks ago. Buy Now at Amazon

  • Sold by Somaer Store via Amazon.
  • Use code "PJGF3L7X" to get this discount.
  • available in Transparent Blue_4
  • includes case and cleaning cloth
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  • Code "PJGF3L7X"
  • Expired 9/30/2019
    Published 9/19/2019
    Verified 9/20/2019
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Critical Consumer
Again, basic physics folks, if something appears "clear" that means by definition that it is passing ALL visible frequencies of light, which means by definition it CANNOT be blocking blue light. If it were in fact blocking blue light, it would appear tinted toward the red end of the spectrum. ROYGBIV. They may block UV, but if they appear clear they ain't blocking blue.