Our Secure Kit is an ideal candidate for government contractors and consultants who constantly carry their work with them. This is because the Secure Drive (External Storage) is only capable of transferring data when paired with the matching Secure Connector. Without the lockable matching connector, the secure drive is rendered useless for malicious purposes, and in so your data secure. The Secure Connector also functions as a data stripper if used with any other USB connecting device, only allowing passage of power. This product is certain to bring a sigh of relief to risk assurance officers and clients alike, knowing that company data is well contained.

Use code "SECUREKIT15" to get 15% off your Secure Kit today. Shipping adds about $5.

NOTE: A Smart Keeper Professional Series Key is required to lock and unlock the connector. Locking into place without a Professional Key will disable removal.

The Connectivity Center specializes in distributing a cyber security hardware known as Smart Keeper. Smart Keeper is a suite of hardware products intended to provide a complete 360° physical lock down of your network I/O ports by blocking open ports and tethering cable connections, creating a single comprehensive layer that secures vulnerable machines against malicious or careless insider threats. Secure your organization's data like a professional with enhanced Smart Keeper security. Visit The Connectivity Center today or call us at 888-865-4639 to receive free USPS retail shipping on any Smart Keeper series physical cybersecurity product.

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