Samsung · 3 days ago
$50-$60 accessory credit for free w/ reservation

Samsung opens up reservations for their newest line of Galaxy smartphones with $50 ($60 if you use the Android Shop Samsung App, which is free) in credit for accessories ranging from smart watches, earbuds, and more. Shop Now at Samsung

  • No payment required up front (this is just reserving a spot in the pre-order line). You are only charged when you place an order.
  • You can also get a quote on eligible phones for trade-in (up to $700 off).
  • If your trade-in is an older phone or has a cracked screen you can still qualify for up to $550 off.
  • No guarantees, but we've usually seen added goodies with preorders, ranging from gift cards, more instant credit, free subscriptions to premium services (like Youtube or Spotify)
  • This series is rumored to launch January 14 and release January 22.
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  • Expired 1/20/2021
    Published 12/29/2020
    Verified 1/18/2021
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