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from $8

Tsar (or Czar) is derived from Julius Caesar, and is the equivalent to a king or more accurately, an emperor. Ever dreamed of reigning over your own sovereign nation? Dream no more (err, well, add something more tangible to that dream anyway)! You can be a Tsar or Tsarina! Apply coupon code "SAVE" to to take an extra 25% these vouchers for Russian nobility titles from Tsar of Marinovka (it's a country estate in the forest of the Russian village of Bashkortostan). Hopefully your reign will be more like that of Catherine the Great, and less like that of Nicholas II. Shop Now at Groupon

  • Shipping starts at $6.90 per order.
  • You're receive 2 certificates, 1 in Russian, and 1 in English.
  • Want titles for the whole family? Grab 1 for $7.50, 2 for $15, or 4 for $30 after the code.
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  • Code "SAVE"
  • Expired 5/13/2021
    Published 5/12/2021
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Fearless Leader Vlad Putin? More of this junk on here.