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Apply coupon code "DEALNEWS20" to cut these from $18.99 to $15.20. Shipping adds $4.50 Buy Now at Canopus Group

  • They have at least 95% filtration efficiency against non-oil-based particles and aerosols.
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  • Code "DEALNEWS20"
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    Published 6/12/2020
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As a one-time industrial safety coordinator, I can tell you that you are wasting your money buying N95 or KN95 masks. They must be properly fitted to provide a tight seal, and no matter how good the filter media, the seal is everything. These cannot provide a tight seal, so they cannot be any more effective than dust masks, which are much cheaper.
BS. right now the only way you could actually try and clean these good enough for reuse is to put them in a O zone generator. I have a So-clean that I can drop about 10 of these in and in 3 to 4 hours they are ready to be used again but any other method of trying to clean one of these is incorrect.
If you are going to post ripoff deals like this I'm going to stop defending dealnews.
Another red flag is that the CDC does not recommend N95 masks with loops behind the ears as you can never get a good enough seal. Our company bought this version (not this brand) and had to immediately waste & replace them for not providing a proper seal.
As mentioned below, this is a falsely advertised product. N95 is a level of filtration provided by a filter. Once those filters are used, they must be discarded or cleaned using a specific process to sterilize them again. Washing the filter in the laundry will not provide you with the same level of protection as a new N95 filter. This is a lie, and I would recommend avoiding this product. As an engineer, this kind of ad disgusts me.
Really this ad is outright disgusting! trying to rip vulnerable people off selling two masks worth less than $1 each for $23.50 + tax after shipping. Thats about $12 a mask or 1200% plus markup! even though this is listed as a sponsored deal Deal News should be ashamed for posting such ripoffs on a supposed deal site. Even worse than the $12 infrared thermometers they had advertised at $50+

Also @Theguytalstoomuch and @raymondyarwood are obvious fake comments by the merchant. I never see people write these bogus reveiws on dealnews comments. Looks just like the fake ones in the product review
I bought these masks a month ago, they are very good quality. I actually called in CDC for their test and they confirmed it. Check out the test here; https://www.cdc.gov/...TestReport_Redacted-508.pdf
BTW - Covid-95 is Lipid based, Lipids are fats/oils - why soap is so efficient on killing it, soap dissolved fats.
why list in your ad that the mask is not effective on fats?
yeah, too many positive reviews. careful there.
Bought 3 packages 2 days ago and arrived today. Masks look excellent. It perfectly covers both nose and mouth and creates a seal. No chance to inhale dust/airborne stuff an so on. very comfortable. It is not heavy and does not hurt my ears. Highly recommended! Thank you.
I purchased N95 masks from Canopus recently. Their customer service provides FDA registration and CE certification if you reach them out. I was very skeptical about N95 masks back then after all the news. I have called the FDA and asked about the registration they have provided. I simply wanted to confirm their claims. FDA confirmed their claims. I have purchased more after confirming their registration.
I dunno, call it a gut feeling, but I think this is a scam,
too many POPULAR reviews, all posted with different names, at almost the exact same time
claiming they are certified, and FDA approved, and CDC approved, Impress me and post a link.