Rakuten · 1 mo ago
$370 w/ $55 in Rakuten Credit $800
free shipping

Assuming you'll use the credit, that's the lowest price we could find for a refurb now by $25. Buy Now at Rakuten

  • You'll receive $55.35 in Rakuten Super Points.
  • No warranty information is provided.
  • Sold by Good Guy Electronics via Rakuten.
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  • Expired 12/17/2019
    Published 12/5/2019
    Verified 12/6/2019
  • Popularity: 3/5
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Sarah Jones (DealNews)
@BlueOak I did get all of that from your first message, but to clarify further -- the headline was not missing Refurb here on the deal page and the headline you see in the email should be exactly the same (this part is automatic and not something prone to human error). If it was also missing here on the deal page, it would be an error and just a matter of correcting the headline.

If any of our emails are missing that piece of information, we absolutely want to correct that. If you have further info on which email you saw it in, please let us know!
@Sarah Jones,

If you read what I said - the issue isn't whether "Refurb" is on the deal page headline. We've already "clicked" at that point!

It is the Promo emails that hope for more click-thru eyeballs where the word is *sometimes* missing.

(It isn't clear whether there is a problem with the emailing process or if the headline has subsequently been fixed.
Sarah Jones (DealNews)
@BlueOak We have refurb mentioned in the headline here and it should show that way in our emails. If it didn't, there might be an issue. I've looked at a couple recent emails and I'm not seeing it yet, so if you have further info on which particular email this happened with (or if you see it again), please let us know through our contact page:

(select Web Site Problem for the department)

You're losing credibility by repeatedly including *refurb* phone deals in your promo emails but neglecting to include the word "Refurb" in the promo email!?!

That's called click-bait. And deceptive click-bait at that.