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$300 $500
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That's half of what you'd pay for a new one elsewhere. Buy Now at eBay

  • Sold by Bose via eBay with a 2-year Allstate warranty.
  • streams Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, and more
  • CD player & AM/FM radio
  • programmable remote
  • iOS/Android remote app
  • dual alarm clocks with snooze
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  • Published 10/13/2020
    Verified 10/14/2020
  • Popularity: 2/5
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1 comment
I know I'm going to get the usual Bose haters chiming in, but this radio really is worth having. However, I've seen brand new ones go on sale for $300, and I seem to recall for even $250, brand new, directly from Bose. But you have to be on their mailing list.