Positive Grid Spark 40W Guitar Amplifier for $259
Positive Grid · 3 wks ago
$259 $269
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Thanks to coupon code "STENOFF", that's $100 off the combined list price for the amp and bag (and $56 less than you'd pay for the combo via their Amazon store). Buy Now at Positive Grid

  • use in combination with the Spark app to generate virtual bass and drums to accompany you, generate guitar chords for millions of songs in real-time as you play along, and loop or slow down difficult sections to help you master them
  • over 10,000 BIAS FX guitar and bass tones
  • USB-out recording
  • modulation, delay, and reverb controls
  • built-in tuner
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  • Code "STENOFF"
  • Published 7/7/2021
  • Popularity: 2/5
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