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You ignore the primary loss caused by Walmart - Rubbermaid is no longer putting out innovative products. That is a sad loss. It has little to nothing to do with "quality".

I have zero affiliation with any commercial organization. I fully support capitalism and free markets. But not crony-capitalism or monopolistic, market-abusing practices.

So yes, when a company uses its market size to throttle a smaller company, I vote with my feet and wallet. The most effective way to break up market abusers, is not by govt action, but rather consumers voting with their wallets. By encouraging and supporting competitors.

So yes, it is a (mostly) free country and you are free to continue to support a company that abuses its market size.
@BlueOak did you work for Rubbermaid? I use Rubbermaid products I bought at Walmart and the quality is fine. If you need something better, remember you can always shop at Macy's, belk, Dillard's, William Sonoma, etc.

But if you still want to buy Rubbermaid, feel free to go to Target, Publix or other stores that carry the same product and sell them for higher price.

I don't work for Walmart. I work in a totally different industry. Speaking out just because some people out there do not understanding how capitalism works. You have your right not to shop at Walmart, and I have the right to voice for Walmart shoppers.

No matter how much some people hate Walmart, Walmart is just doing great. Got 55% increase in stock holdings plus good dividend pay :)
Yep, sounds like either @Bertinaz's feelings are hurt or they work for Walmart.

Walmart did drive the previously innovative Rubbermaid into the hands of mediocre brand collector Newell. You can fault Rubbermaid for letting too much of their business accumulate with Walmart, but it was Walmart's insistance on forcing Rubbermaid to be a price-leader rather than a higher quality innovator that virtually bankrupted Rubbermaid.

Hopefully, it still acceptable to have different opinions.
@Ireddiablo, no one wants to look trash. Some people who dress inappropriately because either don't have the money to buy new clothes, or they have certain mental issues. I personally choose not to make fun of them because 1. It doesn't make me feel good. 2. It doesn't help with their situation.

People, don't worry about Walmart suppliers. Many supplies totally rely on Walmart and they are doing quite well. Walmart buy large inventory, pay suppliers on time, and follow contracts. If you think other retailers pay their supplies better, it is only because they buy smaller amounts and they have to pay higher prices - not because they are more generous or morally conscious.

If you think shopping somewhere else makes you a better person, feel free to do so, and please don't despise people who shop at Walmart. I never think that shopping at Walmart makes me an inferior human being. Instead it saves me so much money and time I can invest that somewhere else. Save money, live happy :)
LOL Funny you are all butthurt by this. I enjoy the taste of your tears. Thing is this is a realistic book of how sloppy some of the shoppers are at walmrat. If someone wants to go out in public looking like trash then they are fair game to be made fun of.
@OHMY please enlighten me to how this is racist and bigoted or is it you just like to throw around words for shock value with compete disregard for their meaning?
Came here for the comments... it would appear @DealNews has a lot more Walmart shoppers than expected. Shame on @DealNews for not knowing its follower demographics.

(No skin in this game - we don't shop at Walmart simply due to the way it gang-destroys its suppliers. Rubbermaid, et al... albeit whilst also providing thousands of jobs for folks with little other option.)
Why is it OK to be prejudiced against Walmart shoppers?
Jeff Bezos sucks, but I guess he gives a lot of money to dealnews.
I hate to see this trash on your website.
brother tim
Appalling. Deal News should be asking themselves what kind of company they want to be. A more appropriate title for this "deal" would be the "Making Fun of Poor People" coloring book. Why would you promote this Deal News?
This site does not anyone to criticize Amazon accepting EBT cards, but then promotes this racist and bigoted junk. You may want to look up the word "hypocrisy" in the dictionary.