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As you're spending your newfound wealth of indoors time browsing NASA's vast repository of incredibly cool space photos, remember that you can choose two ways of looking at it.

1) This crisis is, on a cosmological scale, incredibly fleeting, and to borrow a phrase, "Life finds a way".

2) Self-isolation is actually our default state in the broader universe, and as popular science fiction author Cixin Liu describes in the afterword to his Supernova Era novel: "Staring into the endless darkness of the cosmos, humanity futilely grasps for a pair of nonexistent hands, but we have so far been unable to find any signs of other intelligent civilizations from our vantage point on a planet that's no more than a speck of dust in outer space."

Perhaps lean towards the first one. Shop Now

  • Pictured is the most popular image from the archive, a montage of shots taken by the Suomi NPP satellite.
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  • Published 3/23/2020
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