Kind offers its Kind Snack Bar 10-Count Variety Pack for free plus $5.95 for shipping when you sign up for a Kind Snack Club Monthly Subscription. (Signup is automatic with your purchase.) That's $10 off, and at 60 cents per item, it's an very low price for these snack bars. (We've occasionally seen lower per-bar prices, but that was limited to one kind of bar, as opposed to the variety pack here. For further comparison, you'd pay a buck or two per bar in many local stores.)

Note: Be sure to cancel your subscription before it renews; otherwise, you'll receive monthly shipments of Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt (12 bars) and Caramel Almond & Sea Salt (12 bars) for $29.98/month plus $7 for shipping. Click here for more information about the Snack Club.