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$2/month for 12 months

In a deal we haven't seen since last Black Friday, new and eligible returning subscribers get 65% off the price of the ad-supported plan, a savings of $4 per month. Buy Now at Hulu

  • After 12 months, the price is $5.99 per month. Cancel anytime.
  • Current subscribers, or those who have been subscribed within the last 3 months, aren't eligible.
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  • Expired 12/1/2020
    Published 11/26/2020
    Verified 11/27/2020
  • Popularity: 5/5
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    Deals so good we bought one ourselves
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So in a 30min show how many commercials are there and normally how long are they?

Honestly I don't mind as I've watched those free xfinity movies with ads or from crackle And tubitv etc.

Does this unlock everything every shows there no for premium shows you pay more?
Disagree with the comments here. Getting the Hulu content library for $1.99/month is a steal. The ads are not that bad, helpful for bathroom breaks or checking your phone.
Thanks everyone
I just came back here because I was considering it for the price.
AAAAAAH!!!!! Sorry to yell but you must listen. don't buy this. the ads are non-stop. they are frequent and up to 2 minutes long. you cannot fast forward through them. They break up the shows in the middle of them, in addition to normal commercial breaks. If Hulu gave me $2 for the year, it still would not be worth it.
Ben Dover
the plan with ads is just a ridiculous waste of time, don't fall for this !
just upgrade to the ad free plan. don't be cheap. things are not free
@hptn, seriously, I'm actually considering get rid of it entirely because of this. Reminds me of watching TV when I was a kid it happens so frequently and takes so long. It finally happened.
if you watch on a computer browser with an ad blocker, ads are blocked. You get a black screen for maybe 5 seconds.
not recommended if you value your time. ads has gone up to 90 seconded per segment. won't go for it even .99 per month.