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  • Available in the White 450ML option at this price.
  • Sold by Hirifull via Amazon.
  • infrared sensor
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • battery powered (2 AA batteries included)
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  • Code "WIINXNF9"
  • Expired 8/8/2020
    Published 7/31/2020
    Verified 7/31/2020
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Forgot to mention, I use 5 parts of water to one part of liquid soap.
I have purchased 3 of these, and have used 2 of them. they both work perfectly, they have a wide base so is resistant to tipping over. They have a foam volume control.They consistently dispense a perfect amount of foam, and do it quickly. One completely different foam dispenser I have gives out too much foam because the motor runs too long on activation.And has no foam volume control. I restricted the plastic tube opening a little bit to dispense less foam.
I have had other soap dispensers and they were Junk.
With this seller you can choose a base that has a Green tint rather than clear and there is no extra charge as with one seller that charged $1 more for Green.
I like it so much that I just purchased 2 more.
did you mix the soap with water? that helps it get nice and foamy. about a tablespoon of soap to water
Worthless, spits out a few drops of soap, no foaming at all, tried three brands of liquid soap