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$15 shipping
That's $50 off and a great deal for such an item

First Greener offers its First Greener Premium Menstrual Cup for free plus $14.74 for shipping. (Shipping price may vary slightly depending on location.) That's $50 off and the lowest price we could find. Even including shipping price, this is a great offer. It's available in small or large sizes.
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  • Published 5/3/2019
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These are awesome, and been using one (a different brand) for years. Completely safe, and so much cheaper in the long run. Altho if you get free shipping on Amazon, it's cheaper and faster than paying $15 to ship this.

* Some uninformed people who commented here do not know what actually causes TSS, which is actually caused by the rayon and other unknown cheap fibers used by mainstream tampon companies. Please do your research before making foolish comments. Actually, Allisonsfriend may be working for a mainstream tampon company to fear monger people into staying with tampons, and keeping them in business!
Ships after 2 weeks and important thing is it ships from China, God knows when will I receive it
Not this specific brand, but my wife has been using these for a few years. She has already made about 4 ladies covert because she is so happy with it.
comment sections really are home to some real geniuses*


As someone who has been using cups since 2007, I recommend the Diva brand. They're a billion times safer and hygienic than tampons. They're medical grade silicone, so they can be boiled and, unlike some misinformed commenters, don't promote bacteria growth like unsanitary cotton tampons.
That just looks like a recipe for Toxic shock syndrome. No. Bad idea. Don't do it. I don't care how eco-friendly this product is, it looks like a trip to the emergency room is in someone's future should they use this cup holder in their interior compartment.
$12.17 shipped in amzaon