Far Cry 5 & Far Cry 4 for PC: $5
Ubisoft Inc · 3 days ago
$5 $15

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  • First, Crytek made Far Cry, starting that studio off on an amusingly ongoing run of games with disappointingly unimaginative puns in their name. Crytek's next game, Crysis, would be published by EA, whilst Ubisoft, publishers of the original Far Cry, developed Far Cry 2 internally. Despite being a spiritual sequel and a direct sequel respectively, neither Crysis nor Far Cry 2 bore any tangible relation to the first Far Cry. Far Cry 2, under the stern gaze of director Clint Hocking, was a splendidly jarring and off-putting game that was well-received critically, hated by many people, adored by other, better people, and featured the single most annoying enemy in the history of shooters in the form of the second map's mortar-firing TOOL OF THE DEVIL who would die painfully in lovingly-simulated fire if I could just find him. Then, Clint Hocking left for Lucasarts then Valve then Amazon then Ubisoft again, Assassin's Creed became a worryingly ubiquitous megafranchise for Ubisoft, and Far Cry 3 developed the template for all future Far Cry games to follow. So: Far Cry 4 and 5 are those games, but more so.
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  • Code "FORWARD"
  • Published 6/10/2021
    Verified 6/11/2021
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