Deleepow Li-Ion Rechargeable AA Batteries 4-Pack with Charger for $14
Amazon · 6 days ago
$14 $26
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  • Sold by zhengnengda via Amazon.
  • includes 4 1.5v 3,200mWh lithium AA batteries
  • charges up to 4 AA/AAA li-ion rechargeable batteries
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  • Code "GJGF24VD"
  • Expired 7/22/2021
    Published 7/19/2021
    Verified 7/20/2021
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1 comment
I have these 32 batteries. The most important feature that they produce 1.5V (not 1.2V like most of the rechargeable ones ) and have excellent capacity (3200mWh) . I've been using these in my trail cameras for over 1.5 years and they work better than non-rechargeable brand names. Usually operational documentation for trail cameras strongly discourage from usage rechargeable batteries. I don't know why. These batteries work great in the cameras. Highly recommend these if you need high capacity battery producing 1.5V .