Burger King Whopper: free through BK App
1 wk ago
free through BK App

Make your first order through the BK App and get the classic Burger King Whopper for free. (That's around $4 less than menu price.) Shop Now

  • You must sign in and order online or through the mobile app to get this deal. (It's free to create an account.)
  • Not your first time ordering through the app? Order a Ch'King chicken sandwich through the BK App to get a Whopper for free.
  • Valid at participating locations.
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  • Published 6/9/2021
    Verified 6/14/2021
  • Popularity: 4/5
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I should add, BK has screwed up so many times that we have $8 of promo $ (in addition them refunding the orders) sitting unused in the app.

Those $ will remain unspent.
BK is de facto out of business. It is simply a matter of time before they officially acknowledge it.

Only Wendy's completes with BK in a race to the bottom.

Both chains are so horribly managed they cannot seem to produce reliable, consistent franchise stores.

They either run out of Whopper meat or lettuce and tomato.

Or their ordering system is down.

And the store times shown in the app are a joke. We've regularly ordered in the app for a location only to find it closed.

And instead of focusing on doing the proper restaurant thing - fixing their restaurants - what does BK management do? They step into politics!?! By going after Chick-fil-A!?! An chain that knows how to reliably make food, every time. At every location.

We're done with BK - and free food or $1 Whopper Wednesdays won't bring us back.
I agree the app is wack!
This app is a joke. They are not ties to BK. Placed an order, received a confirmation, got to BK, and was told they were out of the item. They could not substitute and could not refund. You have to send an "email" to customer support to request a refund. A few days later they will reply and tell you it will be 3 days before you receive your money back.