Before 200-Mile Indoor HD Antenna for $10
Amazon · 1 wk ago
$10 $25
free shipping w/ Prime

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  • Sold by Blue Light Inc. via Amazon.
  • 13.2-ft. coax cable
  • detachable amplifier
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  • Code "60IXJSQG"
  • Expired 5/5/2021
    Published 4/30/2021
    Verified 5/3/2021
  • Popularity: 5/5
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I received mine today & as I suspected if you leave a review you'll get a free antenna. I'll hook mine up for a test when mine in a few days. I won't turn down something free but I want to compare it to another antenna I purchased a few years ago. Still a great deal with a booster and next day Prime delivery for only $10 bucks.
I'll settle for a 20 mile range, as the crow flies. That will be good enough for me. I'm not holding my breath, though, even after ordering it.
For ten bucks I gave it a shot and ordered. The 21 reviews are all five star, which definitely seems fishy. But after reading half of the them, I believed the ones I read were written by people not affiliated with the seller. They were written in good English, which was the biggest surprise of all. I hope the reviews were not solicited and paid for by the seller...

I've tried four or five HD antennas over the years, none of which were any good. I'll try this one and when, more likely when than if, it winds up being no better than the others I've tried, I'll return it.
None of these antennas are even close to what they advertise. Most are lucky to get 25 miles if that
Why not 300 or 400 miles?

another misleading mileage claim.