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$20 $110

That's $35 less than you'd pay for a membership (without the coupons) direct from BJ's. Buy Now at Groupon

  • Valid for new members only.
  • You can collect your membership card at your nearest Club, but you'll need to present photo identification.
  • Your membership will recur annually at full price unless you cancel it.
  • the $55 in coupons will be mailed to you within 3 weeks of your enrollment
  • scroll down on the product page to the "Need to Know" section to find a link that details the exact coupons you'll receive
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  • Published 4/7/2021
    Verified 4/12/2021
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Haha, just went to my email and BJs is now begging us to come back at $25 out the door, more than half off! Almost as cheap as their grand opening $20 price. Who can justify three warehouse memberships without bribes?
" Valid for new members only."

Perhaps for this Groupon deal. BJs offers same deal to an "expired" BJs member.

We have Costco and Sams memberships and tried out BJs for a year when they entered our state.

While BJs does carry some deeper varieties in the grocery section, oh, what a pain those BJ's digital coupons! You must forage for those coupons to get BJ's price down to the level of the other two.

It is clear C and S maniacally watch each other's prices - they're virtually always within a penny or two. BJ's seems to be living on their own island.

And then there is the Bjs stupid rewards methodology. C & S make it easy to get the reward in cash so you don't lose rewards spending reward cash buying their stuff - you can continue to use your rewards card. Just try to get cash out of BJ's. You can do it but not without a lot of pain. (Fighting w/BJ's horrible "Customer Service"'.) And you have to thru that pain every 6 months since the BJs rewards expire that frequently.