Verizon Wireless · 1 wk ago
pre-orders from $0 w/ trade in
free shipping

Open a new line and trade in your old device for up to $550 off. Plus, you'll save up to $250 when you switch and activate on a new smartphone line of service with Above, Beyond, Do, Play or Get Unlimited plans. Also, online orders get $20 off the $40 activation fee. Shop Now at Verizon Wireless

  • The trade-in credit will apply over 24 months.
  • You'll also get Verizon Stream TV and the Marvel Avengers Game when you activate a new line.
  • Available in several colors (Blue pictured).
  • This item is expected to ship by October 30, 2020.
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  • Expired 11/18/2020
    Published 10/20/2020
    Verified 11/16/2020
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thanks att
I know I have Verizon too so it sucks...but oh well.

I just saw an AT&T commerical last night saying that they are the first carrier to offer promotions to both new AND existing customers. So maybe look into AT&T?
Why would they bother if they already have you? This is why you have to switch often and NEVER commit to a contract. MVNO's come in great for this.
"Open a new line and trade in your old device...." what the hell sense does that make? This NONSENSE of always playing to NEW customers and ADDING NEW lines is shameful. I haven't had a promotion in 4 years but have been a loyal customer for many more than that. They want to give me $80 for my phone that is worth $175. on the open market? Shame on you, Verizon!