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Preorders for as low as $0 w/ trade-in
free shipping

Start a new line, or upgrade an existing line to a qualifying plan and get up to $800 off when you trade in your old device for the purchase of the iPhone 12 on a monthly installment plan, making the 64GB version essentially free. Shop Now at AT&T Mobility

  • The trade-in credit will be applied over 30 months.
  • Available in several colors (Blue pictured).
  • Delivers between Oct 28, 2020 and Nov 4, 2020.
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  • Expired 11/9/2020
    Published 11/5/2020
    Verified 11/5/2020
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I can trade in my wife?! Sign me up!
I switched my 10 business lines from T-Mobile for this deal. plus got another $300 credit per line for port and device purchase. coverage is so much better. I didn't realize how bad T-Mobile was until I got att. I guess I got used to it. Heck of a deal!
This is the real deal! I've been with AT&T for several years and saw this and thought no way! Went online last week and traded in my wife and my iPhone 8+ and have already received and are using the iPhone 12, and with trade in the phone is ZERO $$$'s.