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from $5,999
Max out at a 28-core CPU, 1.5TB RAM, and 4TB SSD

Today, Apple announced its all-new redesigned Apple Mac Pro Desktop. Addressing concerns raised by the outgoing 2013 Mac Pro, these new models are structured for modularity and flexibility. These models feature an Intel Xeon W processor with up to 28 cores, up to 1.5TB of RAM, SSD up to 4TB, and AMD Radeon Pro GPU with up to 64GB of memory. These systems will start at $5,999 and are expected to begin shipping this fall.
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  • Published 6/3/2019
    Verified 7/3/2019
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And of course it does not include the $999.00 monitor ....stand.
Critical Consumer
$6k for a computer? Apple has no shame.

Leaves me longing for weighted blankets. ;-)
Should be posted on a news category. Not the front page... This computer isn't a deal. It's a full priced power house of a computer. With an Apple price tag
For that much money I can make a much better computer...
absolutely NOT a deal of any kind, therefore shouldn't be on the front page at all IMO.
i really like dealnews but when they post these nonsens it wastes lot of time of lot many people. dealnews if you need money do fundraiser i am sure you will get money
So these are not target for the standard consumer? Why is it being advertised here? I would think that you would get the same result from selling these computers as putting up an ad here for a McLaren 720S.
The return of The Cheese Grater!!
Is this sponsored content?
Colossus: The Forbin Project
For serious, professional computing: i.e., video processing, graphics design, statistical computations, scientific calculations, etc. These are NOT targeted at us consumers or prosumers. They're for people who make their living with heavy processing power.
Gotta ask... What do you need something like this for? 28 cores?