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Acoss via Amazon offers the Aotto Portable Oven in Black for $36.95. Coupon code "P7MU4G7F" cuts it to $23. With free shipping, that's $23 off list and the lowest price we could find. Buy Now
  • max temperature of 239°F
  • can be used for reheating and cooking
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  • Code "P7MU4G7F"
  • Expired 5/30/2019
    Published 5/17/2019
    Verified 5/30/2019
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I wish someone at DN could explain to me why this listing shows as being published 6 hours ago, and yet bears a comment I made 5 days ago. It seems as if a lot of things are flagged New when they aren't new at all.
And I still wouldn't buy this "oven," especially since the apparent seller (under a different name) leapt to its defense here. Fishy, fishy...
This is a "slow-cooking personal oven", it is more like a portable alternate for microwave, it cannot use to roast, bake or broil, but it did can use to cook raw food, even frozen meat, we have test this.
so this point is not need to worry about. We currently cannot find a more accurate words to describe it, so we call it "personal portable oven" or " slow-cooking oven" as other sellers claimed on Amazon.
Hope we can get kindly understand!
With a maximum temperature of 239°F, it's a stretch to call this an "oven." At such low temperature, what could you actually cook with it? Sure, you could warm stuff up, but you couldn't roast, bake or broil anything in a reasonable period of time.