Air Conditioners at Wayfair: for $27
Wayfair · 2 wks ago
free shipping w/ $35

Be cool this spring and save on a new air conditioner. Buy Now at Wayfair

  • Pictured is the Caynel USB Mini Portable Air Conditioner for $26.99 ($10 off).
  • Orders over $35 get free shipping. Otherwise, shipping is $4.99.
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    Published 4/9/2021
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Duncan Idaho
Damn. I need something for summer tent camping down here in Louisiana, but you're right, this ain't it.
Alias, "Swamp Cooler". Only useful in really dry climates since it works by blowing room air over a wet sponge.

Good look if you live in a humid climate. It even advertises itself as a humidifier, the last thing you want in a hot summer if you live anywhere but Arizona.

Go to YouTube where you can find countless examples of DYI swamp coolers using Home Depot buckets.