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a_coming868 via eBay offers 50 Hook-and-Loop Nylon Cable Ties for $3.03. Coupon code "PROMO3" cuts that to 3 cents. With free shipping, that's $3 off and the lowest price we could find. Buy Now

  • measures 5.9" x 0.47"
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  • Code "PROMO3"
  • Expired 6/18/2019
    Published 6/15/2019
  • Popularity: 5/5
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Foolish paranoia. Relax, friends. I'm scared, too! I'm sure some secret Chinese 007 agent is going to pierce my home security perimeter, kidnap my pet, attack alligator and hold it for ransom! If I don't pay them..... bootleg shoes and handbags for many Americans!
Unnecessary paranoia. I've purchased many things from Chinese sellers for the past 15 years and my identity has never been compromised. Your personal information, including sensitive information, is readily available to anyone for a price. Just search your name on White Pages or My Life and you'll be shocked.
I believe the coupon code issued by eBay and just can redeem only one per eBay account.
If you think spending $0.03 on Ebay for cable ties will let some Chinese company destroy your life. I really feel sorry for you. It's already been proven that your info is already out there. Remember, Equifax? Target? Facebook? The genie has been out of the bottle a long time.

Buy the cable ties, it's a great deal and as someone who already has some of these, they are super useful. And also, remember, your address is all the seller gets of your info...PayPal keeps you as safe as anyone else(see above).
It is an EBAY coupon, not the seller. Spend over $3.01, get $3 off (restrictions). Seller still getting rich $3.03 at a time..
sold to the highest bidder for 3 big ones!
You guys suspecting something nefarious are hilarious. They have a quarter million feedback...
I agree Something Not right about this deal...……………….Pass !!!!!
Rafael M.
Thank you!
so for 3-cents you give away your name & home address to some unknown "company" & in return you get some cable ties? no thanks!
It's NOT $3.00, Scotty... it's .03!
Receipt said $3.03 and another for PayPal $0.19. Where's my $3.00 coupon I applied and it shows me? Ok email confirmation now says $0.22 total. Deliver in 2-3 weeks from China.
finding something new for $3 over and over doesnt count as a new deal already