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That's $20 under the lowest price we could find for this quantity elsewhere. Buy Now at 32 Degrees

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  • Available in several colors (Fire Engine pictured).
  • 88% nylon, 12% spandex
  • 4" inseam
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  • Code "NEWS24"
  • Expired 3/16/2020
    Published 3/9/2020
    Verified 3/13/2020
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I've already learned to become skeptical of Dealnews claiming "this is the best deal we could find". There needs to be an * on that statement.

* By best deal, we mean at this moment in time excluding yesterday, last week, or any other time outside of the exact second this is published.
Sarah Jones (DealNews)
@cru8 We had a deal last week for the Cool Boxer Briefs, but not these. This is the best deal we could find by $20. If you see a better deal, just let us know!
Seriously? Free shipping was also available last week when they were $4.49 via a dealnews code. Or did the historical search not reveal that? The Costco deal was for the same undies. 32 Degrees only makes two boxers for men. They're not hard to tell apart. I even recall other members posting remarks about the Costco deal in the past. But keep on protecting that marketing deal with 32 Degrees.
Sarah Jones (DealNews)
@cru8 -- Hello, and thanks for your comment! It is based on the best price we could find today for this style, although we do consider any historical data we may have when we evaluate the deal. We also factor in shipping costs and the code we've provided gives free shipping, which saves another $5. If you had to pay for shipping when they were $4.49 each, it would have come out a bit higher for this quantity.

The Costco deal sounds good, but it isn't something that appears to be available now and may have been a different style. That said, we always appreciate our readers letting us know if they find a lower price and we'll update the deal with this information if it checks out!
Sometimes I wonder about the staff at dealnews. Is it selective memory or just the will of your corporate overlords? How is 5 for $25 the lowest price you could find? Is this to say the lowest you could find at this moment, today? These same boxers were $4.49 each last week. In case you're bad at math, that's just under $23 for 5. Regardless, Costco had these 3 for $10 a while back. That, my friend, was the lowest price.