Amazon · 1 mo ago
$9 w/ Prime
free shipping

That's $16 less than what most retailers charge for the Echo Dot alone. Buy Now at Amazon

  • This price applies for new Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers only.
  • better speaker quality than Echo Dot Gen 2
  • 4 far-field microphones
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  • Expired 12/18/2019
    Published 12/10/2019
    Verified 12/17/2019
  • Popularity: 5/5
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OK, so I got the deal a second time (next day delivery, no less). Not sure this would work for everyone, but I clicked on the "Sponsored" version of this deal on the main DealNews Electronics page. Then went (in a separate browser to my Amazon Business account and pasted in only the part of the link including the product number. No deal - somehow Amazon realized it was the Business account of someone who had previously done the deal on their personal Prime account. Went back and pasted only the product part of the deal link into Amazon on my personal account... and it worked!?! Must have confused Amazon.
@BlueOak, I don't know how, but I was able to add it to cart...same deal as I did last month.

Maybe it worked for me because I had cancelled the prime music immediately?

I believe this deal is a repeat of last time.

Would be curious how you used the same account to repeat the deal.

When I land on the Amazon page it has specific text saying it is for first time Amazon Music Unlimited "tryers".
The promo last time, which I took part in, included a free Dot, didn't it? I'll have to check.

Either way, $9 for a dot is pretty good.


I took advantage of ANOTHER free Dot when I ordered the Show 8 for $80. I've got too many Dots now!
I did the promo last time and canceled right after it shipped. I just did this promo again today for the second time on the same account.
It's also $.99 the unlimited is $ 7.99
As noted, for first time takers. Did this deal a month or so ago.

But a cheap way to get a 3rd gen Dot if you haven't done the promo even if you don't want Amazon Music. Simply cancel it.