100% Refundable Getaways at Travelzoo: deals on resorts, activities, meals, more
Travelzoo · 3 wks ago
deals on resorts, activities, meals, more

Book early and save on future resort and hotel stays worldwide, luxury meals, and activities - each fully refundable in case plans change, or you're unable to go. Buy Now at Travelzoo

  • Deals have a wide range of applicable dates, although most run through December 2021 or later.
  • Be sure to check the cancellation policies; in most cases, you can cancel with the property and receive a full payment form refund (not a credit) from Travelzoo.
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  • Expired 5/12/2021
    Published 4/27/2021
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intelligent buyer
thanks captain obvious....
"100% refundable" means giving a travel company an interest-free loan. Things are getting better because of vaccines - but you're still taking a risk on the travel company going bankrupt...