100 Acres on the Moon, Mars or Venus at Groupon: from $10
Groupon · 1 mo ago
from $10

Save up to a whopping 86% off list price for a spot on a planet! We know that Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids, that you may not be a candidate for walking on the moon, and that surface temps on Venus average 880° Fahrenheit, BUT that doesn't mean you can't "own" a little piece of one of these heavenly bodies, or all three! Shop Now at Groupon

  • You'll receive: a personalized title deed with the owner’s name and the coordinates of the property; map of the planet(s) of choice, with the property marked; and a “Stellar Society” information leaflet with facts about the Moon, Venus, or Mars.
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  • Expired 4/20/2021
    Published 4/15/2021
    Verified 4/19/2021
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Kamala Harrys
I'm gonna pass along to Joe Biden maybe he'll work on making a way to send himself and all the Democrats there to rule
is this a joke? humans are this stupid?
Make sure to get a deed.
Misery x
The people who buy this are the people who worry me
And you'd still have to pay properly taxes as per the US government lol
loving life
legaility- would the government honor the title?
For $5 I'd "officially" give you the entire planet - you choose the planet Pluto Included!
$10 for a meaningless piece of paper.