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  • Expired 7/27/2020
    Published 7/26/2020
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I think this deal ended. Either that or it is definitely not worth the time to try to find a great deal
I have a strong (quite strong) prescription, and I bought eyeglasses from here a couple of months ago with a decent frame for about $90, after a couple of discounts. This was with high-index lenses, etc. which turned out to be very good.

A pair of eyeglasses with my prescription and a comparable frame would cost at LEAST $300 locally. I've checked. I'm happy with the glasses, and would definitely buy another pair. This is actually my third pair from Zenni over the years. I have absolutely nothing to do with Zenni, by the way, except as a customer. It took a while for them to ship, but that's to be expected, I suppose.